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5-6 Ms Michie

Welcome to Term Four for 2015!

Our 5/ 6 class have already had a busy year to date!

We are all working hard and trying our best to be safe, responsible learners!

Our class mascot, Lucy the Kangaroo, has been keeping a close eye over things. Here is what she has reported….


3,2,1 Blast off!
'Space' here we come! We have already learnt about early theories of Space and have looked at the inner solar system. We are finding this learning intriguing and fascinating, especially writing explanations and reports.

5/ 6 students have been practising writing creative text types. They have been very clever at inserting different synonyms when writing- as it makes sentences and stories more interesting and there is less repetition! 

They love learning about Antarctica and our text, 'Sophie Scott Goes South' helps them read for meaning. Their favourite penguin by far is the Emperor Penguin. Also the brave explorer Mawson has been researched and brilliant images of Aurora Australis have been created. Their stories of heading to the South Pole are great. They are filled with adjectives, verbs, interesting characters who always have problems which is what every story should have!  
These talented students have been dancing up a storm, to some modern songs along with practising their times tables! I also love singing and listening to music from our extensive song list of special requests during the healthy 'Crunch N' Sip' break where they eat fresh fruit and vegetables and drink water. They also read an inspirational quote from a text. They do this every day! 

We have also been learning about Safety. 5/6 students have taught the Kindergarten students 'Road Safety Crossing' rules. They have created amazing posters which have a poem or an original song. It has been very exciting to hear and see them present! 
The 5/6 students have also been creating fantastic posters for teaching active listening. They look amazing! 

5/ 6 have been busy helping each other with lots of mathematics; in Maths classes. Well done on your super efforts! A big thank you to Mrs Antonis too!

They have been learning about a cultural group for History. The study is of the Balinese people. They have learnt about where Bali is located, the climate, Bali's History and what makes Bali unique. Also, how the Balinese dress, village life, food, dance, customs and legends differ to that of the 5/ 6 students. I love learning about Bali!


Our classroom is overflowing with fabulous, colourful, traditional Balinese masks and non-traditional Buddha images. I am very pleased with them. They are outstanding! 

They visited Elizabeth Farm, Australia's oldest surviving colonial house. I hear they had so much fun dressing up as convicts. They came back with Tickets of Leave so they must have been super hard workers and very respectful of the overseers!  

I, Lucy, am very proud of them.

I can’t wait to see what these special, talented and creative students will achieve next. Especially their 'Alladin' performance for 'A-lad-in-trouble'.


Lucy, The Kangaroo.