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2-3-4 Mrs Andonenas

IT'S 2015!!

Welcome to 2/3/4!


*The year has started very well and we are now well into our learning programs and activities!
*Reading Mastery, Spelling Mastery and the new Maths Mastery are highlights of our academic day!
*We did well with our narratives and expositions this and last term and are now learning about Information Reports.
*Our Science Unit is "Night and Day" where we are exploring how night and day happen. We are busy making our Earth, Sun and Moon papier mache models which we will proudly display in our classroom. 
*We will soon be fitter than ever - we are all enjoying our fitness program and trying hard to keep up with Mrs Andonenas

Things to look forward to.....
The PLANETARIUM is coming soon - don't forget your money!
Books in homes

Here is a lovely photo of our fabulous hats at the EASTER HAT PARADE

It's going to be another great term in 2/3/4!!!!!

Mrs Andonenas