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Additional Programs

Telopea Public School is an Ambassador School for Scientific Reseach Associates (SRA) programs (McGraw-Hill Australia). These programs include Reading Mastery and Language for Learning

Reading Mastery

In 2011 Telopea Public School implemented Reading Mastery a program designed to complement the existing reading programs in the School.  Telopea is one of the few schools in Australia using this program and in October 2011 our work was recognized by McGraw-Hill who  granted the school “Ambassador School” status in 2012.  This is due to our work in providing opportunities from school staff from other schools (both government and non-government) to visit Telopea; see the program in action and to be mentored by Telopea teachers in the operation of the program and the syllabus outcomes covered by the program.
Reading Mastery operates across five cross stage groups in the school, these groups are known by colour names (Red Group -Mrs Helm and Mrs Butler, Yellow Group - Mr McGowen, Green Group- Mrs White , Blue Group- Mrs Brayshaw and Purple Group- Mr Aiken) The program operates Monday to Thursday from 9.15 am to 10.15 am  and moves through 3 distinct phases.  In the early phase of the program emphasis is placed on reading acquisition and the development of fluency using a visual cuing system for letter sound (phoneme) identification.  The middle phase of the program focuses on teaching students to acquire and develop comprehension skills and the final stage of the program is focused on analysing text level features and the development of higher level writing skills.

In 2013 the program will be fully implemented with the inclusion in all grades of the Spelling Mastery component.           
In 2013 Telopea Public School will commence trialling the sister program to reading mastery for  mathematics - Connecting Maths Concepts!! These materials will be used as a supplement to our exsisting mathematics programs.  Initially the program will be implemented across grades K-3!!