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School Behaviour Policy

Telopea Public School is a Positive Behaviour for Learning School, this means that positive behaviour is encouraged and recognised through a whole school reward structure. At Telopea Public School we are proud of our calm, safe school with supportive caring students and staff. This environment is based around three simple school rules:
  1. Be Safe
  2. Be responsible
  3. Be a Learner

PBL is

  • A frame-work for assisting school personnel to adopt and organise evidence-based behavioural and academic interventions into an integrated continuum that enhances academic and social behaviour outcomes for all students.
  • Is a whole-school systems approach to preventing problem behaviour and academic failure and has relevant applications to educating ALL students in schools
  • Is a process that supports the adoption and long-term implementation of efficient and effective discipline throughout the school environment.
  • Is researched based, backed by decades of converging research that consistently demonstrated that these strategies are individually and collectively effective in significantly reducing the occurrence of problem behaviours in schools.
  • Supports the implementation of a wide range of DEC initiatives and programs (e.g. National Partnerships; Values Education; School Learning Support Coordinator Program'; Anti-bullying programs etc.).
  • Is consistent with the National Safe Schools Framework  that advocates the use of positive behaviour for learning a proactive whole-school approach to developing effective student safety and wellbeing.
  • Is a prevention-oriented way for school personnel to (a) organise evidence-based practices, (b) improve their implementation of those practices, and (c) maximise academic and social behaviour outcomes for students.

The three-tiered continuum

PBL provides a positive and effective alternative to the traditional methods of discipline and a proactive approach to supporting academic learning that is supported by the following three-tiered continuum:


Intensive individualised interventions

Targeted group interventions

Universal prevention


Telopea Public School has an active Anti Bullying Plan and staff and students work together to prevent Bullying.  A copy of the School Anti Bullying Plan is available for download here .Telopea Public School Anti-Bullying Plan.pdf Please contact the school if you require further information. Any reported incident of Bullying requires a full investigation by school staff. The definition of Bullying is reprinted from DEC documentation below