Telopea Public School

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Welcome to Telopea Public School


Telopea Public School is a small community school located in the Dundas Valley near Parramatta City in the greater Sydney Area. Telopea is the botanical name for the Waratah, the state flower of New South Wales, which is incorporated on our school logo.

Our students are from diverse backgrounds, with over half coming from a language background other than English. We pride ourselves for our caring and cooperative culture, characterised by the inclusion and support offered to students, many of which are newcomers to the area.  We offer a range of cultural, sporting and social programs designed to provide a holistic education to all students, with the aim of not only ensuring academic success but also to build knowledge and experience.

Our staff and parents work as a team to ensure that all students have access to programs and support to ensure they achieve their personal best. Our curriculum and extracurricular programs cater for students with a full range of abilities and interests

Additionally, we offer additional literacy and language support, as well as technologies that best support student learning, including interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, and a dedicated computer laboratory. In 2012, our school was granted Ambassador Schools status by McGraw-Hill, a major educational publisher, for our implementation of the Reading Mastery program.

We have spacious grounds, which allow for outdoor learning, and our own school edible garden, which we constructed with the assistance of the Australian Red Cross. There are many sporting opportunities, including participation in regional events, and activities such as basketball, football, volleyball and cricket.

Our students participate in a Student Representative Council, which organises fundraising activities for charities such as World Vision.  Recently, we held a community fair, as well as a book fair and book character parade. 

By attending Telopea Public School, children and families can participate in a quality school community, with staff who are committed to continual improvement and professional development. We develop students that are self-directed, experience success, and receive high levels of individual care and support.

Our school continues to pride itself on providing real-life opportunities, our student centred learning, and community activities. Our school motto “Success through Endeavour” makes a statement about our commitment to support achievement in every student, every day.